''Woody's Girl''
Season 2, Episode 3
Production Code: 2RAG05
Written by Roger Black & Waco O'Guin
Directed by Ira Sherak
First Aired: September 17, 2013
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Woody's Girl is Season 2's 3rd episode of Brickleberry.


Woody takes up yoga after suffering a stroke, and falls for his instructor Astral, who is part of a cult. However, Malloy doesn't take a liking to Astral.

Meanwhile, Ethel is put in charge of the park feeling she can handle it, but because she realizes that there are so many chaotic disasters happening that she has no power over, she starts stress eating and gets as fat and easily irritable as Woody.

In a subplot that gets much less screen time, Denzel plays around with a jetpack that he bought from money he inherited from a very elderly white woman who just passed away.

Malloy and her


  • Woody: (meditating) Ommmmm... my god this is gay...
  • Woody: (about Astral) Hey, buddy, I would like to position myself in her lotus. You know what I mean?
  • Malloy: Connie, I need your help. Woody's girlfriend is bat-shit crazy.

Connie: She seems nice to me. Maybe you're just jealous.

Malloy: Yeah, and maybe you're just... (sighs) I don't even have the energy to insult. Just step on a scale.


  • Denzel wasn't seen with his fellow rangers and Malloy in the usual intro. Instead, he was seen at the end of the opening flying with his jetpack.
  • It turns out Connie is afraid of raw fish.
  • Even though Ethel was proven to be a much better park ranger than Steve in the pilot episode, Woody complains he can't tell which one out of the four (Ethel, Steve, Denzel, Connie) is the worst or best, declaring they're all shit-for-brains no good lazy disgraces to their uniforms.

Pop Culture References Edit

  • Astral's religious cult of jumping off a cliff to get onboard a spaceship to take them away to destiny is a throwback to the suicidal religious UFO group Heaven's Gate. Astral mimics Marshall Applewhite, the founder of Heaven's Gate who spread videos encouraging people to join him in mass suicide in order to board a spaceship to reach heaven.
  • The chanting of "oh qwan tanzan won" by Astral's religious group which Woody joined in and the term "Tarzisian" are references to Riley Martin.


Brickleberry Inner Peace

Brickleberry Inner Peace

Brickleberry Head Ranger Ethel

Brickleberry Head Ranger Ethel

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