Tammy jane

Tammy Jane McGill is a nurse at Brickleberry Medical Center whom Denzel dated after Dr. Kuzniak cured his gerontophilia. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin. Tammy shows up in "Miss National Park" as the main antagonist. However, after Steve also ends up dating her, it is revealed she is in fact a dominatrix who calls herself "Lady Ballcrusher, Mistress of Pain" who has made Denzel and Steve her sex slaves, locking them in her basement and forcing them to bark and behave like dogs. She is also Manslaughter McGill's wife. When Denzel asks Tammy why she's doing this, she answers that it turns her on to "dominate stupid men". She then said that Steve and Denzel are going to have a threesome, but with Manslaughter, not her. Manslaughter agreed to avoid getting abused by his wife and so had sex with the two. Curiously, Manslaughter carries a handgun with him and he didn't bother to use it to just shoot his wife so that she would stop abusing him.

Tammy and manslaughter mcgill
Rip tammy

As in NOT.

At the end of the episode, Manslaughter is about to shove a blow-torch heated glass rod inside Woody's "fingle-fangle" due to having lost a $20,000 gambling bet, but Woody decides to redeem himself by coming up with an off-screen plan that worked with his ex-wives.

Off-screen, Woody and Manslaughter kill Tammy using Woody's idea then bury her dead body in a very messy way and Manslaughter calls it even.