''Steve's Bald''
Season 1, Episode 8
Production Code: 1RAG08
Bb 108 2
Written by
Michael Jamin
Sivert Glarum
Directed by Zak Moncrief
First Aired: November 20, 2012
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Hello Dottie
Daddy Issues
Chocolate-covered Bigfoot

Chocolate Covered Bigfoot, Directed by Malloy

Steve's Bald is the eighth episode of the animated series Brickleberry. In this episode, we find out that Steve's bald because he's always been wearing a toupee. Malloy then rips his toupee off and flushes it down the toilet, driving Steve frantically looking for a hair replacement, and he drinks so much of Dr. Kuzniak's medicine that he gets completely hairy and mistaken for Bigfoot.


The rangers discover that Steve wears a toupee while they prepare for the annual Ranger Ball. Malloy then rips off the toupe and flushes it down the toilet. In an effort to re-grow his hair and feel better about himself, Steve drinks way too much hair-growing hormones that he has hair all over his body. He becomes unrecognizable and everyone starts thinking he's Bigfoot. Realizing that people love Bigfoot more than they love Steve, Steve decides to ride on the lie that he is Bigfoot without anyone (except Malloy) noticing.

Meanwhile, Ethel gets zoosadism, the fetish for killing animals.

Trivia Edit

Pop Culture References Edit

  • Denzel mistakes hairy Steve for Chewbacca. ("Yo Chewbacca! You gotta give me a ride in the Millennium Falcon!")
  • Ethel claims that Bigfoot was responsible for all those countless hours of shitty programming on the Discovery Channel.
  • Funnily enough, one of the guys from Chocolate Covered Bigfoot has a striking resemblance to Gerald Fitzgerald, one of the protagonists of Paradise PD.

Quotes Edit

  • Steve: "Fear not humanoids. Bigfoot is your friend, unlike that Jew-hating Loch Ness Monster."
    • (cutaway) Loch Ness Monster: "I HATE THE JEWS!!!!"
  • Ethel: (shoots a dear in the head with a handgun) WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.... did I enjoy that so much?

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