The secretary

The unnamed Secretary of Interior appears in the episode Old Wounds. She is the main antagonist of that episode, where she fires Woody and constantly harasses him throughout the episode. In addition, she gave Denzel the promotion of Woody's position as head ranger of the park. The Secretary was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

In the end of the episode, it turns out she's actually Jack Abowski, a blood brother of Woody who served in the war together. Woody threw Jack on top of a grenade (seen at the episode's beginning flashback) and so it blew his dick off, so Abowski resorted to living as a woman since it was less humiliating (although that didn't mean she stopped being humiliated completely) and showed Woody her completely destroyed genitalia. Before she could cut off Woody's dick, he pleaded that she plan another way for him to re-compensate for what he did. She decided they would be even if she had sex with Woody, and so gave Woody his old job back as head ranger right after doing so.

Secretary's ruined genitalia

The reason she's angry at Woody

Despite never being seen again (much to Woody's relief), Woody mentioned what Jack Abowski wanted in later Season 3 episodes, such as that Abowski wanted a recruitment video for Brickleberry in Amber Alert and the re-opening of Camp Brickleberry in Camping Ain't Easy.

Trivia Edit

  • Her female name is never given, although she used to be Jack Abowski, so that might make her Jackie or Jacqueline Abowski.
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