''Scared Straight''
Season 2, Episode 10
Production Code: 2RAG10
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Written by Greg White
Directed by Ira Sherak
First Aired: November 5, 2013
List of Episodes
The Animals Strike Back
Trip to Mars

Scared Straight is an the tenth episode of the second season of Brickleberry, and the show's twentieth overall episode.



Denzel calls on his old gang from Detroit, the Cool Friends Gang, to put an end to Malloy's misbehaving, but their plan backfires when Malloy convinces them to go back to committing crimes and they are remitted by getting sent to a ridiculously dangerous maximum security prison supervised by insane and easily offended Warden Tiny Smalls.

Meanwhile, with Denzel in prison, Steve tries to find another person to be his partner in dressing up as Shadowfaux for the Lord of the Rings convention, Tolkon.


  • Malloy: I don't like this at all. [looks around at Denzel and his friends] WAY too many blacks in here.


  • The end of the intro shows Sauron all the way on the left side of the screen.
  • This episode parodies multiple issues with American maximum prisons such as overcrowding, violence, terrible food and rape.
  • Ethel complaining that Woody never disciplines Malloy and only gives him sugar and weapons is a throw-back to the show's first 2 episodes "Welcome to Brickleberry" (sugar) and "Two Weeks Notice" (weapons).
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