Season 3, Episode 1
Production Code: 2RAG08
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Written by Roger Black & Waco O'Guin
Directed by Ira Sherak
First Aired: September 16, 2014
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Obamascare is the first episode of season 3 of Brickleberry.


President Obama is planning to visit Brickleberry to honor Woody on his 30 years of perfect attendance. But when Woody accidentally shoots himself in the liver, a clause hidden deep within Obamacare means that Woody and Steve must be sewn together to share a liver.

Meanwhile, Bobby sets up his own healthcare system, O'Bobby Care for Bodean. However, Bodean proves to be sloppy at being safe or caring for his body which financially ruins Bobby, and so the two turn mad at each other.


Pop Culture References Edit

  • The episode's title is a pun on Obamacare.
    Dinklage head

    Steve bragging about how he chopped off Peter Dinklage's head

    The toy phone Steve uses when getting dressed for President Obama's visit closely resembles a Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone.
  • Ethel claims Connie is just "making up her stories" that Obama is stalking her, having described the TV show Scandal.
  • Dr. Kuzniak, like the majority of moviegoers that surely includes Brickleberry fans, were displeased that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck will remain as Batman for some time since Warner Bros. has secured him the role for more movies.

    "Mount it with the rest of them"

  • Right after Woody tells Steve to go to King's Landing, Woody (and the audience) can tell that King's Landing is just a fictional place, but Steve asks if that's near the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Tyrion Lannister and King's Landing are from Game of Thrones.
  • BoDean is fond of watching Downton Abbey.
  • Woody reveals he has a fetish for sawing off the heads of actors with dwarfism.
Brickleberry Season 3 Episode 1 Obamascare

Brickleberry Season 3 Episode 1 Obamascare

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