Khloe Kardashian Moose Nazir is a moose (albeit very aggressive and mean one) and the leader of the forest animals. Nazir serves as the main antagonist of the Season 2 episode "The Animals Strike Back". He sees Malloy as a misguided bear cub living in a world of humans. He hates all humans and any animal that associates with them. Even though Moose Nazir may look exactly like them, he is not Jessica Simpson or Khloe Kardashian.

Because Joe Wolf ratted out Malloy for playing Gears of War while screwing a Filipino hooker and eating buffalo chicken pizza plus a Snickers bar, Nazir called him out for being "too human" and Malloy refused to give that up, and therefore that is where Malloy stopped pretending to like Nazir.

He was shot in the forehead by a ricocheting stray bullet accidentally shot by Steve after he tripped over, including 30 other animals and 1 human in many different locations. Rather than be glad Nazir and his army of animals all died, Malloy tells Steve that "You had a gun the whole time".

Personality Edit

Given that Moose Nazir is a villain, he was particularly unkind to humans and any animal that associated with human things, such as eating donuts, playing video games, watching TV or driving cars. Nazir was very aggressive and led an army of wolves to execute any animals who didn't act "wild" or "animal enough". Despite how he considered himself to be morally benevolent and nice to Malloy, he was being controlling of Malloy and stripping the bear cub of his freedom. He also thinks that having other animals smell his bottom is a privilege and a notable gift.

Moose Nazir appears to be a hypocrite since as he called out Malloy for being "very human", Nazir was an obsessed fan of Johnny Depp.