Magnus Blickensderfer is a gold medal Swiss gymnast who won 2 entire Olympics and shows up in "Ranger Games" as the main antagonist. He was hired by Woody in order to lead Brickleberry to victory against Yellowstone in the Gymnastics component which Steve couldn't do. When Steve accused Magnus could be a terrorist, Woody laughed this off cause Magnus is from Switzerland.

However, as Steve suspected, Magnus is a terrorist and he came prepared with a suicide vest. Magnus reveals he chose to become a terrorist because he got so sick and tired of the Swiss getting mocked for being neutral and he vowed to destroy "both sides". However, he was still a very stupid terrorist not just cause of his ill-conceived motives but also he lost the bomb detonator inside his Swiss army knife that was crammed with lots of useless things. Just as he was about to blow up the entire Olympics, Steve defeated and killed him with his own gymnastic skills.

Magnus is a terrorist

His voice and muscular statue are a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger.