Steves dad

Jonah Williams was the father of Steve Williams. The show has made many contradicting versions of Jonah in any episode he has appeared in.

There is a bronze statue of Jonah outside the Ranger Station, as seen in the opening for all episodes except The Comeback and In Da Club. 

Contradictions are:

  • In 1 episode, Steve had to grow up without his dad for most of his life. And here, Jonah is a great, benevolent man.
  • In 1 episode, Steve DID live with his dad for his entire childhood but died shortly afterwards.
  • In 1 episode, Malloy abducted and tied up Steve's mom and dad and then shot both of them dead.
  • In 1 episode, Jonah is revealed to be dead now and comes back as a ghost to give some advice to Steve.

Daddy Issues (Season 1)

This episode states he was a legendary park ranger at Brickleberry, which inspired Steve to become one. Jonah was presumed dead after a series of tragic misfortunes, which included being eaten by a crocodile and cut up by a saw mill.

Steve discovers a hulking figure inside a cave who he believes is his dad, and Ethel falls for him, leading to a wedding being organized.However, "Jonah" ends up being shot by Connie, who has totally lost it, and Dr. Kuzniak reveals that he was a bear all along who had a bad case of the mange. Ethel throws herself down the stairs, believing she is pregnant. Jonah supposedly appears for real when Steve and Ethel release the bear back into the wild, but Steve is not falling for that again, and tasers him.