''High Stakes''
Season 3, Episode 9
Production Code: 3RAG09
Written by Eric Goldberg & Peter Tibbals
Directed by Bert Ring
First Aired: November 11, 2014
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High Stakes is the 9th episode of season 3 of Brickleberry.


Woody loses the park in a poker bet with a corrupt mayor he's recently befriended. Thanks to Todd Ford's diplomatic immunity, Woody and Ford have a good time stealing drugs, firearms and firetrucks. Meanwhile, Malloy is forced to breed with an unattractive bear to continue his species.

Steve then gets too fat for his current ranger uniform and once he asks Woody for a bigger one, Woody angrily refuses, calls Steve a fat tub of monkey-shit and orders that he either:

  • A. Lose some weight or
  • B. Put a gun against his head and pull the trigger
Steve chooses option A and tries to lose weight with advice from Denzel. However, what Steve does is making him gain weight because Steve is too stupid to know what proper diet and exercise is. Steve then gets even fatter than how fat he was to begin with and starts suffering from hyper obesity.
An eskimo cock-fucks a coconut? hello emmy!

Bobby: And then, he fucked the coconut! BoDean: Hello Emmy!

Quotes Edit

  • Woody: (sees an Eskimo humping a coconut right outside Ford's office) Jesus, who wrote this shit? [Camera pans to Bobby and BoDean revealed as being the show's "Riters"]
    • Bobby: [excited with his brainstorm] And then, he fucked the coconut!
    • BoDean: [satisfied] Hello Emmy! (keeps typing into his unplugged computer)
  • Steve: [walks through one jump rope leap], Whew! Okay, I did the rope. I did half a sit up. Why can't I lose weight?!! [shakes his pot belly] All I've been eating are these rice cakes. [picks one up]
    • Denzel: [agitated] Those are Rice Krispie Treats dumbass!


Pop Culture References Edit

  • Malloy mentions his voice actor Daniel Tosh in the episode, a self-reference.
  • Woody draws a picture of Godzilla fighting jets, tanks and soldiers.
  • Grand Theft Auto is referenced when Woody and Mayor Ford steal a fire truck and take it for a joyride.
  • Jumanji is referenced when the wild animals roam Brickleberry park, lampshaded by the fact Bobby and BoDean are currently playing Jumanji.
  • Malloy complains to Woody, "What is this? Roots?" when Woody asks Ford to check out how sharp Malloy's teeth are.
  • Mallory has "Steve Buscemi's eyes and teeth".
  • Bruce Jenner.
  • The bright blue crystal meth that Todd Ford holds is a nod to Breaking Bad.


  • Even though Mayor Ford claims to have brought in all his animals from Africa, the elephant with the particularly large penis he blew up with a rocket-propelled grenade is clearly an Asian elephant.
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