You gotta catch me first

You're the devil! i WILL BURN YOU!!!! You gotta catch me first!

Harold is a former Brickleberry ranger, who retired from working at the fire tower in Amber Alert after 20 years there, as revealed in the cold open. Denzel and Steve had no idea who Harold was, but Connie explained who Harold is. After the other rangers go to Epstein's Bar to celebrate his retirement, Harold is shown as an insane man because Woody forgot to relieve him from the fire tower, and has tied a rope to the end of his penis. He screams insane things like "You're the devil! I will burn you!" Since he was too mentally unstable to fit back into society, he got locked up in a mental institution (although Woody misinterpreted that Harold "retired" to Florida). Harold also appears in the opening intro gag.