Brickleberry character
Brickleberry HD CLEAR Character ART Dr Kuznietz
Dr. Kuzniak
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Age Possibly 50s
Job Doctor
Religion Episcopalian
Voiced by Tom Kenny
First Two Weeks' Notice
Last Armoogeddon Part 4

Dr. Kuzniak (voiced by Tom Kenny) is Brickleberry's personal doctor. He has a strange fetish of medical malpractice. He also has some shady criminal intents like medical waste dumping and dealings with the "Black Chinese Market" or the "Chinese Black Market." In A-Park-a-Lypse, it is revealed that Dr. Kuzniak went to medical school in Haiti to be a witch doctor.

Personality Edit

Dr. Kuzniak, while often remaining calm during his work, is actually a shady criminal who commits medical malpractice. He is still proud of his own work and himself nonetheless.

Dr. Kuzniak is an Episcopalian, as revealed in "Cops and Bottoms" as when he refused to cut off Woody's hemorrhoid because it had the face of Jesus on it.

Acts of Medical Malpractice Edit

  • For continuing to do medical work even though he's banned from practicing medicine for years.
  • Advertising and promoting a worthless and ineffective hair tonic product growing hormone "Growitol" although can be dangerous if taken in overdoses
  • Trying to throw baby Ethel away into the garbage right when Ethel was born.
  • Using religious vocabulary to confuse Steve, as when Steve asked Dr. Kuzniak that if a dying Flamey could make it to a forest opening at 9 A.M. the next day, Kuzniak replied, "Yes of course, that is if the forest opening is in Hell".
  • Putting down people with lethal injection without legal authority just because they didn't have any contacts for people to drive them home.
  • Operating an illegal and dangerous abortion clinic and using parts of human tissue he removed from women as "taco meat" or "hot sauce" for his tacoqueria truck
  • Possibly killed many pregnant women through his dangerous abortion practices.
  • Grinding aborted human fetuses into "taco meat"
  • Letting Steve drink up his own body fat during his liposuction.
  • Trying to take anal sex from Woody as payment for medical bills.