Brickleberry character
Fat china boy
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age In his 10s
Killed by Malloy
First Miss National Park
Chang is an overweight rude Chinese boy in the Season 3 episode Miss National Park. He lives somewhere in China and then played against Malloy in an interactive video game. As the game involves players controlling gunmen to kill each other, Chang easily killed Malloy's character and had sex with Malloy's characters with, as Chang described, "penis balls". Malloy got extremely angry about this, vowing revenge on Chang by taking the Miss National Park contest prize for himself by getting Connie to win.

At the end of the episode, Malloy flew to China to go find and kill Chang. Having seen Chang was paralyzed and handicapped being forced in a chair, Malloy claimed "Oh, my god :O ..... I had no idea..... It was gonna be this easy! :D" and then threw Chang out the window, as Chang screamed, crashed into a parked car and died.

Fat chang

You wouldn't beat up a handicapped kid, would you?

Chang dies

No, but throwing him off a skyscraper's fair enough!