How DARE you call us racist

Asher was the head of Hazelhurst Country Club, who initially accepts Denzel as the newest member in In Da Club. He appears as the main antagonist. It is later revealed he is in fact a cannibal where he and his fellow members kidnap black people to eat them as part of the annual 'Club Sandwich', and that's he been doing this for many years now. Denzel became his most recent victim. Steve enters the Founder's Day Tournament with his lesbian friends to save Denzel from the pot. Steve realizes that the members' tradition is "reverse racism" and demands a Caucasian Club. Just as the members are about to cook Denzel and have restrained Steve from being able to do anything about it, Malloy's feces rains down on them covering every single one of them in excrement. Asher is then killed with a single blow to the head after Steve fools the members into thinking he's Denzel with his voice-throwing act. The other members decide that it's Caucasian Club after all and chant "Caucasian Club!" while lifting Asher's corpse to use him for their sandwich.

Woody then looks for the club sandwich in the garbage, but complains that this year the sandwich is white meat, since it was made from Asher.

His character model has been reused in other episodes, such as in Obamascare at the Brickleberry Auditorium, Miss National Park and High Stakes.